National Day of the Cowgirl is a celebration and recognition of the spirit of the American cowgirl – a spirit embodied by women who are strong, confident and resilient. Whether through farming and ranching, arts and culture or equine sports, the spirit of a cowgirl shines through women from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for the Western way of life.

Quincy’s story goes beyond her brand. The women that inspire her, her husband Dakota, and her deep cowgirl roots all contribute to the amazing woman she is.

One of her biggest inspirations and support systems is her grandmother, Rosita.  “She always encouraged me throughout my life not to be afraid to stand out,” says Quincy, and she’s certainly doing a good job of it.

The colors, patterns, and unique designs of the Rodeo Quincy brand are all special in their own way. Quincy says she “[tries] try to make [her Rodeo Quincy designs] new and modern, but everything has a touch of the past.” Fashion is a cycle, and Quincy is ahead of the game.

Hear what else she had to say during her interview with COWGIRL.

“It’s an industry that was once ruled by men, but as each year passes, more and more women are bringing something special to the table. I urge women of any age not to be afraid to get involved.

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