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February is Black History Month. What better way to celebrate than by recognizing the many Black cowgirls across the world. In February of 2019, two women launched the first episode of Young Black Equestrians. This podcast has grown into a diverse community of fellow horse lovers sharing their experiences!

It all started at a local Sheetz. Abriana Johnson and Caitlin Gooch met up after several weeks of talking on social media. They discussed their frustrations, goals, and visions for the Black women of the horse industry. Eventually, they decided to start up a podcast to share their conversations with others.

Young Black Equestrians offers a glimpse into the lives of Black equestrians. It shares various conversations, events, and interviews. You can learn about their culture and the equestrian lifestyle.

Check out some of the interviews you can listen to…

You can listen to these exciting and unique stories on their website Young Black Equestrians. The podcast is up to season 6 with many more to come!