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This cowgirl has owned several horses and has even won awards in cutting horse competitions. She did this all while being a famous Cover Girl and actress. Her love for horses began at a young age while on vacation at a dude ranch with her family. Can you guess who she is?

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If you thought Christie Brinkley, than you were right!

Christie’s first horse was a polo pony named Belle Star. They traveled all over the place together. Her passion didn’t slow down after that though. After watching a cutting horse video, Learn To Cut, she decided to take her equestrian skills to the next level. She acquired a few horses from Texas and a new trainer, Punk Carter.

In Texas, she competed in the celebrity class at the 1992 NCHA Championships and won! She wore that buckle proudly.

Her cutting horse, Goodbar Miss, was also one of her favorite trail companions. They even rode on the Oregon Trail. Sadly, in 2013 her horse passed away. She reflected fondly on all of their memories together, even mentioning her three children rode this exceptional mare.

You can follow her on Instagram to see more of what’s happening in her life.