You’ve seen them in the news and on TV after big wins, but what happens to champion racehorses when they retire? A life of luxury for some! It can be difficult to decide where your famous Thoroughbred should reside when you have a choice of top-notch stables. From lush green paddocks to spacious stalls, these horses are spending their retirement years better than most!

It’s not all retirement though. These champion horses are entering the next phase of their lives. They will produce some of the greatest foals to continue their legacy. Some stallion barns hold over a dozen world-famous Thoroughbreds.

At a price tag of $26,000 plus a year, these horse accommodations better be the best! Horses like Big Brown, Zenyatta, and Super Saver are among some of the celebrity horses that live in these facilities. Superior care is expected.

Take a tour of three different immaculate horse facilities! Which one would you choose?

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