Camp out in some Chama Chairs! For the creators of CHAMA, it all began with a desire to break away from the routine of daily life and reconnect with a part of themselves that can only be found outdoors.

This group of long-time friends shared a camaraderie built from spending time together in the pursuit of adventure. Whether they were dove hunting, in a duck blind, or just by the camp fire, they constantly experienced the nagging, painstaking problem that most all outdoors-people faced — not having a premium chair that was truly functional, silent, and fit into the entire span of their lifestyle. After an extensive search for this piece of gear, the founders decided to blaze a new trail and create a completely new product from scratch.

The research and development process for the CHAMA creators began with what they know best — premium outdoor gear. The goal was to focus on solving problems through innovation, scrapping everything every other outdoor chair maker had done on repeat for decades past. They reached out to close friends in the industry to get a sense for what the product development process would entail and began whiteboarding everything they liked and didn’t like about the current options on the market. The end result was the industry’s first purposefully built outdoor chair that offers superior functionality, durability, versatility, and performance all at the same time.

The CHAMA all-terrain swivel “Pursuit” chair was designed from necessity. CHAMA created a gateway to the outdoors — a product that enables anyone with a spirit of adventure to utilize any terrain. More than a chair, more than an outdoor brand, CHAMA is about pursuit, an opportunity to get outdoors and rejuvenate yourself. We believe your life wasn’t meant to be half-lived, and nature wasn’t meant to be half-explored.