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What an eye-catching breed the Haflinger is! There are quite a few characteristics that this type of horse has. From their golden color to their easy-going temperament, there’s definitely something special about them. Most enjoy riding and owning this fun breed.

Haflinger Traits

  1. Shorter than your average draft breed
  2. Thick bone structure
  3. Short neck and back
  4. Thick, sturdy legs
  5. Tough hooves
  6. Chestnut/sorrel body with a flaxen mane and tail
  7. Feathers on their legs
  8. Strong shoulders for pulling
  9. Calm temperaments
  10. Good work ethic, very willing

This breed originated in Austria. They’re classified as a type of draft horse, though are much shorter than the average one. They do possess a solid built, which allows them to pull carts and carry weight easily.

Because of their good temperament, Haflingers are used in therapy programs, as trail horses, and even in riding and driving competitions. Depending on their bloodlines, some are thicker and others have a sport horse appearance.

Learn more by checking out this video from Utah State University Extension

The Haflinger sure is beautiful and unique!