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The Norwegian Fjord Horse has a distinct look. They’re very easy to recognize! This breed is commonly used on the trails, as pleasure riding horses, and at therapeutic centers. Their exceptional beauty and calm disposition make them a great all-round horse for many different purposes. You’re sure to fall in love with them!

Characteristics of Fjord Horses

  • They’re always dun in color.
  • This breed will usually have a darker face and legs. Their known for having zebra-like striping on their legs and a dorsal stripe down their back.
  • There are five different types of dun colors in the Fjord breed.
  • They normally have a roached mane. If their mane gets too long is tends to fold over their neck.
  • Their manes and tails are a two-tone color.
  • Fjords usually have great temperaments. They’re calm and not very reactive.
  • As a draft breed, they have a thick neck, powerful shoulders, a stout body, and stocky legs.
  • Some will even have feathering on their legs.
  • Many tend to carry more weight in the crest of their neck.
  • In the winter, they grow a double coat.

How interesting! The Utah State University Extension put together a video highlighting some of these characteristics.