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4 Charlie 1 Horse Felts For Fall

Get your go-to fall hats and get ready for the season!

October 07, 2019

It’s felt season, baby! Why not stock up on some new headwear to celebrate? Charlie 1 Horse felts are fall essentials for sure. Here are four must-have Charlie 1 Horse felts for fall:

This Is It, Chief

You might have heard the phrase, “This ain’t it, chief,” but this hat is it. Chief is accented with a tooled leather band that is simply a fall staple, and even has a silver conch on the side!

Desperate for Desperado

Desperado’s rustic, carefree look makes it great for everyday wear, but don’t be fooled; it can work wonders with a dress and boots for your next date night.

Cash Out

You can’t go wrong with a classic black felt like the 6X Cash. Rope and ride or hit the town in this charcoal beauty.

Big Red (And White)

Grab attention in all the best ways with the Bucksnort. The contrasting colors make it an eye-catcher, and the white stitching adds a unique element to a classic red hat.


Cowgirl Hotlist
Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!