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Paloma. Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.……

National Tequila Day is this Sunday, July 24th, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a refreshing bevvy! Here are 8 of our favorites to ring in the holiday perfectly.

Classic Margarita

Of course we have to start out with a classic marg! The Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in North America—for good reason. Switch out salt on the rim with some Tajín for an extra lil pop!

Bergamot Orange Sparkling Margarita
Austin Cocktails

Finally, a clean margarita that doesn’t skimp on the tequila! This female-founded company’s recipe combines a full-bodied, blanco tequila with a floral winter grown Italian bergamot orange that’s more sour that sweet. Crack open a can, pour over ice, and enjoy with your best gals!

Mexican Bloody Maria

This Mexican Bloody Maria cocktail is made with tequila and lime juice for a fun twist on the classic Bloody Mary. Replace vodka with tequila for an added kick to this already punchy drink!


Another classic tequila-based drink is the Paloma. Traditionally made with tequila blanco and grapefruit flavored soda, this recipe adds lime for an extra zing!

Tequila Sunrise Freezer Pops

If you grew up in the 1990s and remember Push Pops, then this dessert will definitely hit home. One of our favorite childhood treats is getting an adult twist!

Citrus Slushy

What’s better than a slushy on a hot summer day? A brain freeze would be so worth it with this boozy brunch cocktail that comes together in no time thanks to your blender!

Ranch Water
Lone River Beverage Co.

Ranch Water has been deemed the “unofficial drink of West Texas”—traditionally made with a mix of soda water, tequila, and fresh lime juice. Lone River has 4 different flavor options that are sure to tantalize your tastebuds!

Prickly Pear Margarita

A Southwestern staple that doesn’t skim on flavor or color! This easy twist on the classic is perfect for celebrating – or even just a night with your girls.

Celebrate responsibly!