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Emerging country music artist Chelsea Sulkey‘s new single “On Fire” is an empowering anthem for anyone who’s going through something but can still see the light. With a side of sass and rock ‘n roll, the New York native wants to show that any obstacle we face can be turned into a positive. Set your alarms! It’s releasing at midnight, and we cannot WAIT for y’all to hear it!

Credit: Justin Hammond

Of her debut single, Chelsea says, “When I decided to write this song I knew exactly what I wanted to say, I just didn’t know how to say it. I went to my co-writer, Kolby Oakley, with the idea and he already saw my vision. I wanted an empowering song. Something that either gender could relate to.” She wants to remind everyone to not let anyone put out the fire inside of them, and instead use the hurt to ignite the flames even more.

Chelsea recalls, “I was going through heartbreak with someone I should have known better than to get involved in the first place because he had a “player” reputation. But instead, I let it happen for months, believing every word he said. I think we’re all a little guilty of that, right?” She didn’t want to write another typical country song about a guy breaking a girl’s heart, and then having her just try to get over him throughout the song’s storyline. She wants to show that any obstacle we face can be turned into a positive!

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