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Cowgirl Hotlist

When it’s hot outside, wearing clothes is already a challenge to begin with. (Surely we aren’t the only ones on a clothes strike, right?) HA! With that said, some days you just want to throw on a light dress or a tank top and go, but don’t forget to accessorize! Hell, hair accessories are your friend! They always fit and they look good on everyone.  We love a good headband with turquoise in it. Who doesn’t? If you don’t love turquoise on everything, we probably wouldn’t get along! 😉 Next time you’re in a rush, throw on a simple dress, a headband, some pretty lipstick and go! Pictured above: Festival Hair Clip Genie by Eugenia Kim X UO Headscarf   Turquoise and Gold Chain Headband   Turquoise and Blue Beaded Headband Fee People Babys Breath Braid In Triangle Goddess Chain     Kitsch Thunderbird Bun Pin Markiza Mineral Bobby Set