barrel horse cowgirl magazine

Some horses make better barrel horses than others. If you want to go to rodeos or compete with your horse, then you’ll need one fit for the job. There are quite a few factors to consider when shopping for your next partner.

  • Bloodlines: How successful were past generations of this horse? Some that can suggest they’ll have a good career in barrel racing.
  • Clean legs: Look for straight legs that have no bumps and exterior scars. A pre-purchase exam can identify soundness issues.
  • Experience: What kind of training do they have? Watch them run a pattern if they have experience on running barrels.
  • Attitude: You’ll want to ride the horse for yourself. Make sure they accept your cues and respond quickly. You should feel safe and confident riding them.
  • Barn manners: A good barrel horse is also pleasant around the barn. They should be easy to saddle and lead around.

Those are just a few factors. This horse should have strong muscles, big bones, speed, easy-going personality, gentle eyes, and a willingness to please. Don’t be easily swayed by color or markings. Many barrel horses are simple to look at, but move amazingly.

Happy horse shopping!