Riding Helmet

Riding Helmet

Choosing a riding helmet can be tough with so many different designs on the market. From suede trail to velvet show ring helmets, where does a cowgirl even begin? Helmets don’t have to be boring or uncomfortable. They can be stylish and fit like a glove. It just takes a little research to find the right one!

The Fit

How does the helmet fit your head? In order to achieve ultimate protection, a helmet should be customized to your needs. There’s tons of sizes to pick from, so don’t worry!

A tack store specialist will offer the best sizing help, but if you’re on your own, try this! Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your head and have the ends meet right above your eyebrows. It’s a good idea to get the measurement in centimeters and inches, as different brands vary.

Some will be in small, medium, large, and extra large, while others will be in centimeters or inches. Find where your measured number fits best and try it on. Helmets should fit tight, but not squeeze. You should be able to shake your head up and down without it moving. However, too tight and you’ll get headaches. It also a good idea to feel around the helmet and look for gaps around your ear area or anywhere else.

Safety Standards

Keep a lookout for helmets rated ASTM certified. That means it has been tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Without this approval, your helmet isn’t guaranteed to protect you in the event of a serious fall.

Style of the Helmet

Like shopping for boots or riding pants, the helmet market is overflowing with colors, designs, and unique features. Start with the type of riding you do. Western riders may lean toward suede, glossy, or matte finishes. On the other hand, English riders may gravitate toward velvet selections. Bright colors may be reserved for the barn and classics, such as black and brown, for the show ring.

Some helmets have features that make them more desirable. Examples include a venting system that makes it more breathable, dial in the back that tightens the helmet, and large or no visors. You can expect to pay more for added features though.

Never take the risk of riding without a helmet. With so many fun and safe options, there’s really no reason not to have one!

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