How many cowgirls have wished for a horse for Christmas? Children, and even many adults, often dream of being gifted a horse of their own on Christmas morning. They won’t fit under your tree, but there are a few ways to make this moment special.

Some may wrap a horse gift and place it under the tree. Can you imagine the surprise as it’s opened? It could be a photograph, name plate, or even a halter.

Maybe a puzzle or riddle to be solved…I wonder just how quickly they’ll figure it out!

How about a note that says “look outside.” It’s a dream come true to see Santa Claus with your new horse right outside your front door.

And lastly, what about a trip to the barn? It may start as an ordinary visit, but quickly change when the unsuspecting recipient notices a decorated stall door.

And that’s just what happened when Abbie went to the barn…check out her memorable Christmas Eve story.

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