city boots official cowgirl magazine

city boots official cowgirl magazine

Finding a cute cowboy boot that doesn’t look clunky at the end of your leg can be hard. You want something that adds to your outfit and doesn’t take away from your signature style. City Boots are simple, sophisticated, and flattering above all!

City Boots is a customer service focused e-commerce brand selling traditionally made cowboy boots with modern detailing. We are mostly known for our comfortable fit and flattering, timeless style. Our goal is to provide an heirloom quality product that can be handed down from generation to generation similar to the skills that go into making the boots. We partner with a 4th generation family owned factory in Old Mexico that has been making boots for almost 100 years.

“Growing up in Amarillo, TX, as a child, Lizzy could be found in her cowboy boots at any given moment. Whether she was at church, on a playdate, or just out of the bath, Lizzy demanded to wear her little pink cowboy boots. She even named her dog Boots at the age of 4.

“After graduating from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, with a degree in finance, Lizzy jumped into the corporate world focusing on the business she knew growing up: Oil and Gas. She quickly caught boot envy from the men she worked with.

“Modern day off-the-shelf women’s cowboy boot designs were not polished enough for the office and custom boots were too expensive, so Lizzy set out to find an alternative. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to make her own, and CITY Boots was born: A cowboy boot line with timeless designs, exceptional quality, and unique pops of color that couldn’t be found on the shelf. Before now.

“What started as a quest for casual Friday footwear turned into a full time gig in 2015.” -City Boots Official

All the heart eyes for all the color!

Every girl needs a pair of classic black boots.

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