pit bull clare dunn flew cross country to rescue from being put down
Meet Clare Dunn's new family member, Conner!……

Clare Dunn was on the East Cost prepping for an upcoming performance on the 2019 CMT Next Women of Country Tour, when her heart called her in another direction. She happened upon a picture of Conner, a Pit Bull who was was scheduled to be euthanized this week, on Instagram. “There was just something special about him,” she said. “He had the sweetest face but I could also tell he had a broken spirit.”

Even though Conner was 3,000 miles away in the Riverside County Animal Services shelter outside of Las Angeles, Dunn knew she had to help him. After attempting to contact several friends in hopes of finding someone who could help to save Conner with no luck, she took a 6 a.m. flight out to California to take matters into her own hands, ironically on National Adopt a Shelter Pet day.

Coming from an upbringing filled with animals, they are among the priorities that drive the multifaceted musician. Dunn is back on the tour path and undoubtable joined by the comfort of her new furry friend.

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