Courtesy of Clara Smith……

“I’m Clara Smith! I’m a Western Artist and Graphic Designer from Bend, Oregon. I’m that horse girl that never grew out of the “phase.” My love for Western Art and Culture is heavily influenced by my late aunt, Western Artist Joelle Smith, who taught me how to draw and ride horses. Similar to Joelle’s work, I strive to document real Western life, depicting culture and traditions of the American Cowboy. I aim to maintain authenticity within my work by including real people, real horses, set in real places.

“I graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Fine Arts. My design work combines my artistic ability, often incorporating hand drawn illustrations with digital applications, creating a balance between design mediums.

“My work is ever changing, jumping from paintings, design, complex, and simplicity. The one thing that remains constant is that I strive to inform people that all chaps are assless, don’t you forget it!” -Clara Smith

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