Clare Bowen by Steve Thornton
Clare Bowen by Steve Thornton
Clare Bowen photographed by Steve Thornton

What many devoted fans of the ABC television series Nashville already know about Clare Bowen—who plays Scarlett O’Conner, the sweet and ethereal songwriting ingénue—is that she is a native Australian who has mastered an endearing Southern accent for the show.   What most don’t know is that the petite princess with a simmering career in country music is a lifelong cowgirl whose passion for horses shapes her everyday existence.

Bowen, who was born and raised in the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, has to think back to age three or four to remember her first horseback-riding experience. In her teens, the nature-loving youth worked on a cattle ranch, driving steer in what Australians call “mustering.”

Today, Clare continues to ride—mostly bareback—credits her horse, Elijah, as one of the anchors that keeps her busy life balanced, and is in pursuit of a country music career that has recently gained the attention of a legendary record producer.

Comfortably settling into a Southern-American lifestyle on the outskirts of Nashville, the 25-year-old has embraced her country music calling, along with her regular responsibilities as a network television star. Cowgirl Magazine recently caught up with Bowen in Nashville to learn more about her burgeoning country music career, her passion for horses, and what she loves about her new Southern lifestyle.

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