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From a young age growing up on her family’s farm and ranch in Southeast Colorado, all Clare Dunn wanted to do was play music. It wasn’t until attending college in Nashville that she got to pursue her dream more seriously. She still stayed true to her country roots, and said “I got the chance to move to Nashville for college and see if I could figure out how to do it. I would come home and drive a semi truck for custom harvesters during harvest season. I would hire onto their rigs, and that would help pay for school and living expenses. It was a hard road, but it paid off.”

For Clare, Covid has been a blessing in disguise, as it has allowed her to go back home to Colorado, where her inspiration stems from. “Real Thing” was recorded on Clare’s family farm and ranch, and the time spent there has allowed her to pursue her other passion: music production. “It’s a passion I’ve been pursuing for years, then Covid, in a weird way, has been a big launching pad for me. There was no going to the studio or working with a co-producer, so if you can make music on your own, you can put it out.”

She says there’s nothing quite like being able to hop on the four wheeler and go check cows in the evenings after a long day in the studio. “It was such a refreshing break to be able to be with the cattle. All my songs are inspired by where I’m from one way or another, and to be able to be in the environment that all my music is about was so inspiring.”

As for the future, Clare said “I do hope in the future I can stay in this part of the world and still tour and make music.” Listen to her new EP “Real Thing” here! It will also be available wherever else you listen. And make sure to connect with Clare, she loves hearing from her fans, friends and our COWGIRL family!