Cowgirl - brit west hatbandsAll hail Brit West! She pretty much kills it with every item she builds. The designs are simply sleek and the stone quality is always on point! That’s why her designs are at the forefront of western fashion, or at least that’s my opinion! And you don’t want to argue with me. Just ask my husband.

If you are looking to make a change to your current hat situation, Brit West has got it all, baby! Straws, felts and the most beautiful turquoise embellished hatbands I’ve seen, to date. I’ll confess, I’m not typically a cowboy hat wearer, but these hatbands alone make me want to commit to an every day hat situation. Don’t take away my cowgirl card though. This is a circle of trust… or the internet… most people can’t tell the difference these days, anyhow. 😉



Five Stone Hatband