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Do you have an all-rounder that excels in many areas? You should try ranch versatility with this horse! These events consists of six different classes ranging from cutting cows to conformation. The events are usually low-key and family-friendly, making them a good time for everyone!

Classes of Ranch Versatility

The AQHA recognizes six classes- ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch cutting, ranch reining, ranch cow work, and ranch conformation. The divisions include open, amateur, cowboys, and youth.

  1. Ranch Riding: Each rider and horse performs a pattern in front of judges. The horse must be relaxed, responsive, and soft in the bridle. Each transition must be smooth.
  2. Ranch Trail: Riders navigate their horse through a trail pattern with obstacles commonly found in everyday work. The horse should be well-trained and responsive.
  3. Ranch Reining: The horse must perform basic handling maneuvers, such as a sliding stop, spin, and circles.
  4. Ranch Cutting: The rider and horse must successfully cut one or two cows from the herd and hold it. There is a time limit.
  5. Ranch Cow Work: Riders pick between ranch cow work or limited ranch cow work. In limited, the team must box a cow, set up the cow and drive it down the fence, and then box it at the opposite end of the arena. Ranch cow work requires boxing, fence work, and roping or circling.
  6. Ranch Conformation: Entries for this one must have competed in at least one other ranch versatility class of the day. The horse is exhibited at a walk, trot, and then lined up for inspection.

Check out the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations for more information!