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Cowgirl Hotlist

Cowgirls are such a rare breed, and a classy one at that! Any bold beauty in the country would fit in just fine with these vintage and classic vehicles from way back in the day! How many people had this bad boy, or something very similar, as their first truck? I’m willing to bet you probably learned to drive a stick shift as well! Not every woman, or even man for that matter, can say that! Turquoise is always the answer. Always. Ah, cherry red. It might be a little noticeable, but it’s always so gorgeous. Just like the girl that’s ready to hop in and go! So maybe not a truck, but still as classy as ever! Seems like a perfect fit for a cowgirl, doesn’t it? Want to throw it back a little more? Let’s reminisce about Rockies!
Remember Rockies?