nxt nxt4 nxt5 next cowgirl magazine classic rope classic ropes

nxt nxt4 nxt5 next cowgirl magazine classic rope classic ropes

It has been a long EIGHT YEARS since Classic Rope released a new rope…and the wait is finally over!

“Innovation is at the core of our success. State of the art technology upgrades foster the evolution of improved precision and accuracy. Focused research and development efforts by our staff and trusted professionals lead us to the next generation in ropes to come out of our new facility in Stephenville, TX. We are excited to announce the introduction of the NXT™, the latest addition to the Classic Rope line.

“The NXT is made of a revolutionary, poly-blended fiber uniquely processed for a feel second to none. The NXT is truly like no other rope on the market.

“The NXT5 head rope is an incredibly fast and smooth five strand with the weight and feel of a blended four strand. It’s easy to handle with a smaller diameter and enhanced tip, giving headers more range than ever before. NXT5 is available in lays XXS, XS, S, and MS.

“The NXT4 four strand heel rope helps ropers guide their tip for the Classic delivery as the bottom strand finds its way to the ground with a wide-open loop. NXT4 is available in S, MS, M, HM.

“NXT ropes are expected to reach stores mid-December and will be available wherever Classic Ropes are sold. For more information please visit classicrope.com and follow Classic Rope on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for important updates.” -Classic Rope

Contact your nearest Classic Rope dealer to order today!

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