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If you’re looking for some super-unique jewelry clay earrings might be just the ticket!

By nature, their creators can form almost anything that can be held on by an earring post.

Based on the infinite design possibilities, clay earrings can be found in a wide range of styles: bohemian, contemporary, Western, and more!

Some brands incorporate other materials, including metal and yarn, into their earrings.

Muted colors give off a more rustic, bohemian feel, and can match a ton of different looks.

Bright colored clay earrings can be a statement piece when wearing a neutral outfit.

Or, go mod with some geometric designs.

If you’re not a big earring kind of gal, there are plenty of cute clay studs out there, too!

Clearly, there are plenty of earring brands out there…and they’re all pretty stylin’. We found these brands on Instagram.

If you’re looking give clay jewelry out a spin, start off with some casual studs, and then graduate to some larger, more colorful pieces. You’re sure to get some attention!