Have you ever read the ingredient and nutrition label on your store-bought granola? If not, do yourself a health-benefitting favor and read it. Besides loads of sugar, there are many unnecessary ingredients. Granted, there are a few brands who have a cleaner ingredient label, but if you have the option to make your own granola–or any snack for that matter–, knowing exactly what’s in it, why not do so?

We’ve tried out a few of these homemade granola recipes and not only do they taste fresher, but we know exactly what’s in them. No hidden sugars, chemicals or GMOs. Plus, making your own granola is easy peasy! Take a peak.


Super Simple Granola

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Live Fit Girls

Short on time and patience? This super simple granola lives up to its recipe title. Plus, it requires little ingredients and tastes better than anything you can buy in the store. Get the recipe here.