Photo by: Downunder Horsemanship……

At one point or another, you might have wondered what type of feed famous trainers and riders use. Their horses are usually in excellent condition with shiny coats and lush manes. Clinton Anderson‘s horses are a prime example of this! Here’s your chance to take a peek into his feed room.

Clinton Anderson’s Feed Room

On this tour by DUHorseman, Clinton takes his audience into his feed room and explains the different types of products he uses. Right from the beginning, you see his favorite brand is Standlee.

Clinton prefers to use alfalfa/timothy hay pellets and compressed alfalfa bales. He likes pellets because there is less waste and the horses enjoy them. Depending on the horse’s age, they’ll get two to three scoops both AM & PM. At noon, the horses receive a flake of the compressed alfalfa bale. The compressed bales store very easily!

Though he doesn’t feed a lot of grain, his horses do get molasses tubs for extra vitamins and minerals. Clinton also uses supplements from SmartPak. Each horse gets a unique blend. Lastly, every horse gets a salt lick.

His last recommendation is to deworm your horse three times a year, but no more than that. It’s very helpful to see how professionals take care of their horses. Do you agree?