Clinton Anderson's custom stall fronts. Photo by Downunder Horsemanship.……

If you can dream, then make it a reality! Clinton Anderson created the perfect stall fronts with the help of Classic Equine Equipment. They have all of the right features from a strong mesh front to a unique latching system. With his years of experience training performance horses, he knew exactly what to include when designing them.

Clinton’s Stall Fronts

Classic Equine Equipment has tons of gorgeous stall front designs. They have everything from metal mesh to wooden fronts. The doors can slide or swing and lock in all sorts of ways! If you want something even more unique, then they’re happy to work with you on a custom design.

Clinton Anderson’s stall fronts feature:

  • A metal mesh front that is see-through
  • A kick plate that prevents sawdust from escaping
  • The locking system is horse-proof, but easy to open
  • When the door closes it locks automatically
  • A removable yoke
  • 12×12 size design
  • Strong, durable materials

Watch him explain the various features and why he requested them. When your horses spend a considerable amount of time in their stalls for training, it’s important they’re durable and comfortable.

Have you ever wondered what Clinton feed his horses? Step inside his feed room for a tour and explanation.