coastal cowgirl chantel lauren cowgirl magazine

Photography by Ty French

For most brides, summer signifies not only beautiful wedding locales and weather, but also gorgeous wedding gowns to match the season of sun and sand.

Chantel Lauren’s “Coastal Cowgirl” collection takes the cowgirl off the ranch and into Malibu. Chantel has always been a Texas girl, drawing her inspiration from the Wild West, horses, and the Lone Star State’s culture. This year, however, she was drawn to the coast to find new life, new love, and this new collection.

Sitting at the beach, Chantel watched the waves bring in new beginnings just like she was finding within herself. “Coastal Cowgirl” is the rise of a new tide.

Using signature Chantel Lauren details like fringe and sterling silver, she incorporated sleeker lines and beachy waves of silk and crepe – perfect for the modern cowgirl. The light and airy feel of these gowns brings an effortless elegance to any wedding celebration. 

Whatever your style preference might be, just remember that you shouldn’t let the warmer temperatures stop you from wearing the dress of your dreams.

Since 2016, Chantel Lauren has been bringing Western to Bridal, and the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “You’re going to find more cowgirls showing off their personality in gown selections instead of wearing traditional gowns designed for anyone and throwing a hat on it. Cowgirls now can find options designed just for them. You’re going to see more brides rocking fringe, conchos, and Western flare confidently down the aisle.”