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Ever dreamed of riding on the beach? Going for a ride along the coast is on many horse owners’ bucket lists. But before loading up your equine partner to hit the beach, there a few important things to consider to make for the best experience.

Here are some tips:

1. Do your research.

It is helpful to know the beach restrictions ahead of time.

Make sure to check for things such as state beach park hours, adequate trailer parking, and even the proper animal protocols.

2. Practice going through water at home.

If your horse has never stepped in water, you wouldn’t want their first time be in the ocean! I would find foamy sights and rolling waves frightening at first sight too!

Photo courtesy of @umberkwpn on Instagram

3. Check the water!

It is simple, quick, and easy to check a weather app before your adventure.

You’ll thank yourself later by ensuring calm waters and low tides during your ride together.

Also, steer clear of any hidden rocks or debris in the ocean footing! The best riding is at surf’s edge.

4. Get a partner to tag along!

Whether you get a friend to walk along side you on foot or horseback, it’s important to not go alone. A lot can happen on a long stretch of beach!

Besides, it’ll be fun to share such a special experience with someone else! Your horse might even appreciate an equine companion too!

5. Know your limits.

A lot of excitement comes from horses pawing at waves and playing in water. Although this may make your ride more fun, it’s easy to stir your horse up.

Horses can easily get dizzy at the beach. There’s a lot going on from unfamiliar sights to commotion from other horses. Needless to say, the waves are constantly in motion. It is important to note that your horse is trying to make sense of many moving parts at the beach.

At first, you should let your horse play in the water for no more than two minutes.

So don’t get too comfortable! You might get an unexpected roll in the ocean.

6. Soak it in!

Riding at the beach could be the best form of therapy or exercise for you and your horse.

It’s a luxury to be able to ride on a beach. Ease your horse into the sand and experience.

Taking long rides on the beach might become your favorite pastime if you do it right the first time!