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If you want to boost your horse’s health, try coconut oil! You might have heard how great it is for people, but it’s also perfect for in the barn too.

Saturated fats can be helpful to the outside and inside of your horse. It can be mixed with your horse’s grain at about 1/2 to 1 cup daily. Extra virgin coconut oil is recommended. Now let me explain why it’s so great!

1) Dry, cracked hooves? Let coconut oil help mend them with its nutrients like Vitamin C and E. Capric Acid and Lauric Acid promote healthy skin and hair, as well.

2) Twice the energy compared to starch or protein, this oil will give your horse the extra boost he needs. It’s completely edible.

3) If you horse gets a bug bite, try rubbing some on the site. Coconut oil, with it’s anti-parasitic properties, will sooth the bite and prevent infection from setting in.

4) It is easily digested and absorbed, compared to other vegetable oils. The oil promotes good gut health and can even assist will colic and ulcers.

5) It’s yummy! You can use it to help picky horses eat medication or supplements.

6) The antiviral and antifungal properties ward against skin infections. Coconut oil can relieve and soothe mud fever, while helping to prevent reinfection.

7) It can minimize proud flesh and help cuts heal. Keep it around for wound care!

8) It’s easy to store and economical. This oil can sit on your shelf for a good amount of time before going bad.

Get your hands on this amazing oil. Don’t be afraid to share it with your horse. Coconut oil is a great natural solution for people and horses!