coconut oil cowgirl magazine
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Coconut oil is certainly not just for humans. There are several uses and benefits to using this on our four-legged friends. Coconut oil helps to make manes and tails shiny, soft, and also strong! Daily applications of coconut oil can help prevent your horse’s hair from falling out as easily, which in turn will allow the mane and tail to grow thick and full. Regular usage will also help to maintain smooth and clean hair. It’s definitely not easy keeping horses clean, but this is guaranteed to make a difference. 

Aside from helping your horse’s hair, coconut oil can also be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s a simple, safe way to treat wounds. Coconut oil also happens to be antimicrobial, which is yet another great feature. Due to this property, it can be put directly on bug bites to help soothe itching and also decrease any swelling that might be present.

Besides all of its topical uses, coconut oil is also safe to give to horses orally. That’s right! You can literally put it right on your horse’s feed and not have to worry because it’s so safe and natural. Coconut oil has even been known to help thin horses gain weight. I know what you’re thinking.. this stuff is like gold! But honestly, you can buy it at most grocery stores and one tub will last you quite awhile. Do yourself (and your horse) a favor and buy the big tub!


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