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Cody Jinks.

Cody Jinks is a refreshing oddity in the world of country music. While many country artists have merged with pop, Jinks stays heavily influenced by classic country and rock n’ roll. His past albums have garnered much respect from not only his peers, but country music fans who have been longing for a return to tradition.

Jinks’ latest album Lifers is arguably his most anticipated record to date. With a release date set for July 27th, fans can take comfort in knowing that they’re only a few short weeks away from hearing Jinks’ latest masterpiece.

On the brink of the approaching album release, the singer dropped his first single “Must be the Whiskey.” The track tackles darker issues related to relationships gone wrong and alcohol. Jinks is no stranger to tackling difficult topics in his songs, and has gained attention over the years for his strikingly upfront lyrics.

Listen to the memorable “Must be the Whiskey” below:

Full track listing for Lifers

1. “Holy Water”
2. “Must Be the Whiskey”
3. “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin'”
4. “Lifers”
5. “Big Last Name”
6. “Desert Wind”
7. “Colorado”
8. “Can’t Quit Enough”
9. “7th Floor”
10. “Stranger”
11. “Head Case”

Cody Jinks: Country Music’s Underdog