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Cover for the Cody Jinks album, I’m not the devil.

In a world of pop-country music, it can be difficult for “downhome” musicians to make a name for themselves. Because of this, Texas Red Dirt singers have formed their own music scene that skirts outside the lines of Nashville.

Cody Jinks hails from Texas, but it’s hard to label him as a Texas Red Dirt artist. In fact, it’s hard to label him at all.

While not new to the country music scene, many are saying that Cody is finally gaining widespread attention. His dedicated fans would say otherwise, as he’s already released a handful of albums, and has been around for quite some time.

Cody Jinks.

What makes Cody Jinks such an interesting artist, is his diverse background. Cody began his musical career in a metal band…a far cry from the music he plays today. However, his introspective lyrics and melodies are, obviously, inspired by his past.

The crowd that Cody attracts is as diverse as his background. He has stated that hippies, cowboys, and bikers are just some of the people that come to his shows on a regular basis.

Check out several of Cody’s hits, and get ready to be blown away.

1) Hippies and Cowboys 

2) Loud and Heavy

3) No Words

4) She’s All Mine

5) The Same

If you’re loving what you’re hearing, I’ve got some good news! Cody recently announced that he will be releasing a new album this year. Make sure to follow him on Facebook to stay up to date on his music.