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Kristi Bracewell Photography captured the Cody Johnson family and did such a beautiful job! And don’t miss the Desert Canary Designs couch they are sitting on!

“With my profession, I am blessed to spend time and build friendships while freeze framing moments for families from all walks of life. A couple years ago, a very good mutual friend of ours got us in contact. Cody and Brandi have the sweetest, fun loving family. One of my favorite things Cody said was, “I can’t get that close to Brandi and not kiss her!”

“We enjoyed so many laughs, especially when we got comments from miss Clara Mae. Thank you Brandi and Cody for yall’s friendship and being genuine. You two adore each other so much (and have well-behaved kids), it makes my job so easy as well as enjoyable to capture the love within your family. Life is always good when clients turn into friends. Thank you Cody for “dancing her when she needed dancin’” in the kitchen. It’s one of my favorite shots & songs! Thank y’all for picking me to capture these.” -Kristi Bracewell Photography

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