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Cole Hauser, who plays our favorite cowboy Rip Wheeler, is giving Yellowstone fans what they want by signing on to do more Westerns during his time off from the show! He’s set to appear in Dead Man’s Hand alongside Jack Kilmer (son of Val Kilmer), Collider reports.

He even teased the upcoming movie on his Instagram:

In Dead Man’s Hand, Jack Kilmer plays Reno. He’s a newly wedded gunfighter who was compelled to take down an adversary in self-defense. Just when you thought the crisis had averted itself, the outlaw’s brother Mayor Bishop appears. Of course, he has only one thing on his mind: vengeance. He kidnaps Reno’s wife and it is up to Marshall Roy McCutcheon and Reno himself to put a stop to this psychotic madman. Stephen Dorff stars as Mayor Bishop while Vincent E. McDaniel, Delilah Andre, and Camille Collard co-star. It’s unclear what role Cole Hauser is playing, but we’re looking forward to it!

Recently, Brian Skiba, writer/director of the movie, shared his thoughts about adapting Matthew and Kevin Minor’s graphic novel No Rest for the Wicked into a script. “Dead Man’s Hand is a Western rooted in a tragic love story followed by retaliation and nonstop action,” he wrote. “I couldn’t be more appreciative to my producing team, the cast, the crew, and Milestone, who collaborated to bring this story to life. Kilmer, Dorff, and Hauser gave exceptional performances. The scenic Great Plains of Santa Fe provided the perfect backdrop for this Western.” 

We can’t wait to watch it! Hauser will also be making an appearance in a Yellowstone spinoff – check out which one HERE.