Photo courtesy of @breakawayropingjourn on Instagram.……

It’s obvious that the college cowgirls had been revving up their rodeo engines during lockdown this past year. The theme for 2021 at the College National Finals Rodeo has been breaking records, not barriers!

Taylor Lawson, representing Southwest Texas Junior College, set a new arena record with a 1.6 second breakaway run.

Photo courtesy of @breakawayropingjourn on Instagram

You heard that right! Check out her blazing run!
Video courtesy of @swtjcrodeo on Facebook

Hope you didn’t blink!

To say the least, Lawson’s name has been in the limelight since her run. Check out her feature in the Breakaway Roping Journal and the Casper Star Tribune!

Can you believe this year was this cowgirl’s first CNFR? Lawson has also made a few appearances at some of the 2021 professional rodeos. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her name on the leaderboard.

Here’s her interview after setting the new arena record!
Video courtesy of @swtjcrodeo on Facebook

According to the Breakaway Roping Journal, Tuesday night could’ve been called “Ladies Night.” Cowgirls have been making their mark in the Casper arena in all three women’s events.

It doesn’t end there. On Friday night, Lawson’s arena record was tied by Bethanie Shofner representing New Mexico State. Here’s her run…
Video courtesy of @fastbackropes on Facebook

Couldn’t you watch these wicked fast runs all day?!

It’s obvious that breakaway roping has been on fire this year, not only in the WPRA but at the college level. Do you think this arena record will be topped? We’ll just have to wait and see!