Easter desserts


Easter treats with lots of color and candy are a do. These delicious desserts decked out with candy eggs and marshmallow peeps. Grab these recipes just in time for Easter.

A Cadbury egg cake is filled with colorful cake layers on the inside and swirls of pastel frosting on the outside. It’s topped off with candy eggs.

Recipe and photo by The DIY Lighthouse.

Get ready for chocolate peanut butter skillet s’mores! Say bye to traditional marshmallows and replace them with bunnies and peeps.

Recipe and photo by How Sweet It Is.

Check out these rocky road peep brownies. They also substitute traditional marshmallows for peeps. Chop them up for a bright marshmallow topping.

Oreo bark with sprinkles and pastel M&Ms are an easy dessert even the kids can make.

Recipe and photo by Suburban Simplicity.

With just four ingredients you can make these Easter egg nests. Chocolate covered pretzels are topped with mini eggs.

Recipe and photo by The Pretend Baker.