Competitive trail riding is perfect for those that like to get out of the arena. This distance sport allows you and your horse to compete in many unique and beautiful places. The North American Trail Ride Conference spans six regions across the United States. They welcome all types of riders ages 10 and above!

What is competitive trail riding?

In simple terms, this discipline consists of riding a timed and judged trail ride. It’s not always about being the fastest though! Riders are critiqued on their safety, horse management skills, and communication.

The actual ride can vary from a single day to multiple days in a row. Some cover upwards of 60 miles in a 2-day period. Beginners may ride 3 to 5 miles in a day at a walk or trot. Those competing can enter novice, competitive pleasure, and open divisions.

While on the ride, teams will be judged as they cross streams, climb hills, and go through other challenges. They may be asked to back, dismount, or even move their horse sideways. Throughout the ride, their horse’s pulse and respiration rate is checked.

Check out this video for more information!

What a fun, family-friendly discipline! It’s definitely worth looking into if you love trail riding and camping.