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Horses produce up to 50 pounds of manure daily. That’s a lot of waste to dispose of! Luckily, their manure can be composted and used by gardeners and farmers. Composted manure offers your soil valuable nutrients. It’s a little more involved than throwing manure into your garden, so make sure to do some research!

Composting requires a few steps. Without them, you may kill the plants in your garden. They’re simple and easy to do though!

  1. First, you’ll need to thoroughly water your compost pile. It can be helpful to water the mound as it gets bigger.
  2. The pile has to be flipped and turned. Essentially, you want the outer edges turned into the middle.
  3. Be wry of horse dewormers. In order to kill the chemicals found in them, leave the horse’s manure spread out in the sun. The UV rays will destroy anything toxic. It can then be gathered up and placed in your pile.
  4. And lastly, avoid persistent herbicides. They will kill anything that’s not a grass plant. You’ll want to check with your hay farmer to see if they use them. This manure can be used on a lawn or corn field, but not your garden.

For additional information, check out this helpful video by Gardens That Matter.