Comstock heritage silversmith silver work sterling silver cowgirl magazine

Comstock Heritage has been bringing you quality and beautiful custom made-to-order sterling silver work for over 131 years.

“Comstock Heritage is one of America’s oldest western silversmiths in business today. We are coming into 131 years of family -ran business. We have continued the tradition of acorn manufacturing sterling silver buckles, accessories, gifts and barware.

“We also offer a large selection of sterling silver accessories. Keep in mind when leafing through a Comstock Heritage catalog, that more than half of our products are custom made for our clients. Whether it’s your custom brand or logo, or a style from our catalog, we approach each new piece with enthusiasm and creativity that is now as much a part of our trademark as our name.

“Our product line is quite extensive and features very old western traditional buckles, as well as modern fashion buckles. James Stegman has continued the tradition of designing new products, and also updating the old traditions for today’s look. -Comstock Heritage

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