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Cowgirl Hotlist

You long for a concho belt, but you’re a baller on a budget, right? I hear you. The gems you lust after in the magazines are basically one to two months salary and you aren’t about to spend that kind of moolah. Well, you don’t have to. Sure, if you want a vintage, native american belt thats authentic and adorned with turquoise, be prepared to drop a lot of dollars, but if you just want want something super simple and casual, or just a few turquoise stones, affordable concho belts DO exist.

Often times the leather is faux, or the silver isn’t actually sterling silver, but you can still rock the hell out of it. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell if that stuff was real anyhow! Double D Ranch has a few amazing belts that aren’t necessarily super cheap, but they around $200-$300 and they look like a million bucks.

Check out these concho belts I’ve gathered up for you. Cute at every price point!

BP. Faux Leather Concho Belt, $24