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Do you want your horse to feel safe and have confidence? Mustang Maddy is here to help! She uses three different methods to encourage a braver, less anxious horse. You can achieve this and more with positive reinforcement, specifically clicker training!

Mustang Maddy offers these methods for developing a confident horse…

Method #1: Influence emotions from the outside in.

You can teach this method by encouraging your horse to collect- through play and target training. A collected horse is more expressive and animated, even braver!

Method #2: The target translates what new cues mean.

It can be helpful to ‘ride from the ground’ or stand in a position as though you were riding. Your horse will be more confident in the saddle because they already recognize the cues.

Method #3: Replace fear with curiosity.

When you teach your horse to seek with a clicker, then their fear response is quieted. A happy horse is usually more confident!

If you’re ready to get started, then follow Mustang Maddy’s in-depth tutorial.

While you’re working on your horse’s confidence, don’t forget to boost your own! You can be braver in the saddle with five simple steps.