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Riders that choose to connect with their horse can have an incredible relationship. Your horse isn’t a machine. They are sensitive beings with many emotions! When you learn their language and communicate in ways they understand, you’ll open new doors. Your horse will learn to trust and respect you!

Connect with Your Horse

  1. Understand their body language: Horses don’t use words, but they do communicate through body language. Spend time with your horse and learn how they use their ears, eyes, lips, posture, tail, and legs to react to their environment. For example- A horse may pin their ears and stomp their front leg in irritation. On the other hand, a droopy lip, lowered head, and cocked hind foot may suggest a relaxed state.
  2. Engage in activities they enjoy: Nothing beats quality time together! Hand grazing or a good grooming session can foster a solid relationship.
  3. Establish yourself as the leader: Mutual respect is important in this relationship. Your horse should see you as the alpha mare. Your actions should be assertive, rather than overly aggressive or passive.
  4. Give them a natural environment: A stressed or anxious horse is harder to connect with. Make sure your horse has plenty of turnout and other horses to interact with.
  5. Watch your own emotions: Horses can sense your energy. You’ll need to stay positive and level-headed when interacting with them.

Establishing a bond with your horse can take time, but this connection is worth it in the end!