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It doesn’t matter what discipline you ride or sport you play… Everyone gets nervous! The trick is to not let those nerves get the best of you or your performance. There are quite a few tactics that can help you remain calm and collected. They’re worth a try!

Be Prepared

Your rides at home are usually better than at the rodeo. If your horse has anxiety at home, then expect it to be even worse somewhere new and strange. You need to take the time to work out any kinks. Being properly prepared will go a long way!

Stay Positive

Your mindset will have a big impact on your ride. If you want to stay calm, try this… Visualize the run in your head. You can even guide your eyes around the barrels. Pair this with some deep breathes. When you start to get anxious, push it away and go back to visualizing the pattern.

Chat with Friends

It’s helpful to be prepared, but sometimes focusing too hard can cause unnecessary stress. It may be a good idea for you to turn on some upbeat music and talk with your friends before your run. You can even say a prayer!

Know Your Value

Build yourself up by remembering all the things you and your horse do well. Don’t let the pressure control you, instead know that you have nothing to prove. By recognizing your previous accomplishments, you’ll know that this one run won’t change your value.

Trust Your Horse

The best barrel racing horse isn’t always the fastest. Make sure you have a trustworthy horse. You should have a good connection with them and know their abilities. Riding a horse you can depend on will definitely boost your confidence!

What works for one person may not work for the next! Many like to be with other people, yet some like to be by themselves. Try a few different things out to see what helps your nerves the most!