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Not a day goes by where we don’t get asked, “Do windmill ceiling fans really work?” 

Of course, they work! But we completely understand why you might ask. After all, they do have that too-good-to-be-true vibe to them. For starters, they’re absolutely beautiful and, unlike any standard ceiling fan on the market, quickly become the centerpiece of any room, venue, business, or outdoor space. 

⭐️Each Original Windmill Ceiling Fan is handcrafted, and the custom finish can match any décor. They’re also easy to install and only weigh 40-60 pounds depending on the size or finish.

“Yeah … yeah … but do they work?” You continue to ask.

Yes … they really do!

The best ceiling fan is the one that not only looks different than anything you will find on a store shelf but also moves A LOT of air. You know, the kind of air that keeps your space comfortable regardless of whether it’s the dead of summer or the peak of winter! We should mention that once a large 15-18 blade fan is hanging on your ceiling, your home now has a gorgeous focal point that everyone sees when entering your home. Windmill ceiling fans from The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company in Pilot Point, TX, check all those boxes and more.

Find out why with aluminum parts, your windmill ceiling fan is guaranteed to last longer than traditional wood or particle board fans. You can also run your fan at lower speeds and move a ton of air with ease, due to the 15-18 blades design. 

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