Corey Petska Erich Rogers WNFR 2017 Cowgirl Magazine
Corey Petska and Erich Rogers.

When it comes to team ropers, Corey Petska, heeler, and Erich Rogers, header, are two of the best. Corey has been to the WNFR 14 times, and has roped over 130 steers in the Thomas & Mack Center arena.

Last night in round 5, Petska and Rogers tied with Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill for 1st place. This victory led to Petska taking 1st in the team roping heeler standings and Rogers taking 1st in the team roping header standings.

While there are still still 5 rounds to go, it’s pretty safe to say that, regardless of the outcome, this team will go down in the WNFR 2017 hall of fame.