Once in a while, you’ll come across a horse that has a biting problem. It’s their natural way of moving another horse out of their space in the herd. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous to a person and shows a lack of respect. This problem can quickly get out of hand if not corrected right away!

Correcting a Horse That Bites

  1. Types of biting:
    1. Playful (young and curious)
    2. Defensive (scared or anxious)
    3. Aggressive (attacking)

2. You must understand what it means. Often when a horse attempts to bite their handler, they’re saying ‘get out of my space’. They feel as though they’re the dominate one in the relationship. It shows a lack of respect.

3. So, what’s the solution? Tell them to move their feet instead! You don’t have to hit, smack or scream at them, rather get them backing up. This is especially helpful for playful and aggressive biters.

Warning: If your horse is extremely aggressive, then you’ll want to enlist the help of an experienced trainer.

Watch this tutorial from Elite Horsemanship for more information on correcting a horse that bites.