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Taking your horse off the farm is exciting! You’ll have to get them use to a stock or horse trailer though. Because of the dangers involved, make sure to teach your horse how to properly load into a trailer. This tutorial should help!

How to Load a Horse

It’s important you don’t step in front of your horse when loading them because they may barge forward and run into you, especially if they become anxious. You should walk next to them and allow them to step onto the trailer themselves. An untrained horse may refuse so you should seek assistance in these cases.

Once inside the trailer, tie your horse with a quick release knot. You don’t want them moving around once the trip starts. Make sure the rope doesn’t dangle!

Most feel more comfortable with another horse, so if you can trailer two at once even better.

The Utah State University Extension shares a quick video on how to correctly trailer load a horse. They use a stock trailer, which is open and allows for good airflow.

There are different ways to load and unload your horse, though this way is one of the safest. Always put the safety of yourself and your horse first. No trip is worth getting hurt over!