Cowgirl - Boarding

From Olympic-sized indoors to automatic waters, boarding barns range dramatically in amenities, services, and costs. Not everyone is looking for a five star stable to keep their horse, but most would like a few extra perks. These extras can cause the prices to rise up considerably. If you’re thinking about boarding your horse, it’s time to do some research and weigh your options.

Stables can charge anywhere from nothing up to thousands. Some barns allow boarders free board in exchange for work, while others pay for trainers to ride their horse daily. The average is around $200 to $500 a month. Many factors can come into play though.

Types of Boarding

Prices can rise or fall depending on the agreement you have with the owner. Self-care, where you handle all of the responsibility, will be a lot cheaper than full-care, where everything is done for you. There’s a large range between the two types. Someone on a budget and with time constraints might do well in a co-op situation, with work divided among all the boarders.

Depending on whether your horse has a stall or is field kept exclusively can also affect the price. Some barns may even offer individual turnout for an added cost.

Services & Amenities

Stables with well known trainers are usually more expensive. The ability to take lessons or have your horse trained can be a major plus. Other services such as grooming, hand walking, holding for the vet or farrier, exercising, and blanketing can be considered extras.

Along with services, amenities can cost you. Barns with indoors, jumping arenas, miles of trails, wash stalls, private tack lockers, and more, will cost you much more than the average stable.


It’s just a known fact that urban areas will charge more for boarding than in rural places. Consider the distance you’re willing to drive to save a buck. Gas prices can be high too!

You’ll have you ask yourself what is the most important thing when looking for a stable. Those that ride a lot might not be happy if they don’t have a sand or gravel arena, while others want spacious run-ins and 24 hour turnout. If you’re willing to pay the price tag, you might get everything you dreamed of.