As you’ve probably suspected, running a horse ranch isn’t a cheap endeavor. Horse ownership can be done affordably, but that’s not usually the case for those operating a professional business. Fallon Taylor opens up about her expenses and what you can expect with these larger facilities.

As mentioned by Fallon, this isn’t to discourage you or your dreams. You should know what you’re getting into before you get started though. Check out some of her costs…

  • Electricity and water – $600 a month
  • 24 round bales – $1,800 yearly
  • Pallets of feed and square bales – $60,000 yearly
  • Shavings – $10,400 yearly
  • Blankets and accessories – $2,000 yearly
  • Farrier – $21,667 yearly
  • Other costs include employees’ salary, vet care, farm maintenance and repair, tractors, farm vehicles, tack, and many other things.

In her video, Fallon describes more of her expenses and what you can expect. Check it out!

If you board your horse, you probably have a better idea about some of their fees now. It’s easy to write a single check every month, but there are dozens of expenses when running a ranch. Not to mention, the costs of things continue to climb! Hopefully, this was an eye opener.